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At Paldino company CPA we offer all phases of Tax Preparation, for businesses and Individuals in all types of industries. We try to meet each client’s need in planning for the future and achieving their goals, in the fast changing financial and regulatory environment.

We have provided expert accounting, tax, and business consulting services to hundreds of individuals and small businesses. In addition to our expertise, we pride ourselves on delivering affordable services in a timely manner with a personal touch.

Tax & Accounting Services in Mamaroneck, NY

Paldino Company CPA is a small business accounting firm that has been in business since 1994, and has been serving Mamaroneck, New York, since 2005. We offer a fresh and different perspective on accounting. We have the knowledge and experience to help your business achieve and maintain continued growth and prosperity while ensuring your family’s financial stability.

At Paldino Company CPA, we stay up-to-date on tax laws. This allows us to help you pay the least amount of tax that’s legally and ethically possible. Our financial experts help you take advantage of every deduction and exemption you can, ones that otherwise may be overlooked.

Set Up Your New Business

When the time comes for you to start up your business call Paldino Company CPA for a free consultation so that we can review your plans and suggest the best way for you to get your new business set up the right way. All too often, people make the wrong business decisions just because they want to get their business started quickly. Making rash decisions at the beginning can cause you considerable additional costs later on. It is very important to have it done correctly right from the start.

We can assist you with the right formation customized to your new business. There is no longer a need for you to spend large sums of money for an attorney to set up your Corporation. We can file all required applications and forms to obtain a Federal Employer Identification number (EIN) and provide you with a corporate seal and full corporate kit.

Once you have your business entity formed, we can set up a bookkeeping system that is right for you. Our firm uses QuickBooks exclusively, for the bookkeeping needs of all of our clients.

We are QuickBooks Professional Advisors and are qualified to assist you with all of your record keeping needs.  We can set up your accounting system based upon your specific requirements, with accounts that are customized specifically to your business.

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